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Operations of the Spirit: Part 3 of 12, Metaphors and Meaning, the Still Small Voice

  This is the third of twelve parts to an essay entitled “Operations of the Spirit.” The entire essay is just over one hundred pages if printed out, so it is presented serially in this blog. These parts should be read sequentially, because each builds on the previous parts. Hopefully, readers will have comments, suggestions and criticisms. The twelve parts […]

Operations of the Spirit, Part 2 of 12, Confusing Terms

II. CONFUSING TERMS Understanding who or what the Spirit is can be befuddling. So understanding the operations of the Spirit can be perplexing. The difference between the Spirit, capitalized or not, and the Holy Ghost is often blurred in general discourse, which means these terms may be either used interchangeably or differentiated. Many scriptures seem to use the terms synonymously. […]