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1 Nephi 2

This posting covers 1 Nephi 1:20–ch. 2. (The chapter division between chapter one and chapter two, unfortunately, breaks a literary unit.) This posting does not include chapters three through five even though the somewhat forced chiasmus outline of 1 Nephi militates in favor of considering chapters two through five together. Chapter is different than chapters three through five, so there […]

Operations of the Spirit: Part 7c of 12, The Oliver Cowdery Revelations, D&C 6, 8, and 9

This is the seventh of fifteen parts to an essay entitled “Operations of the Spirit”; this part covers D&C 9. The entire essay is just over one hundred pages if printed out, so it is presented serially in this blog. These parts should be read sequentially, because each builds on the previous parts. Hopefully, readers will have comments, suggestions and […]