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2 Nephi 25 – 30

The last chapters of 2 Nephi are, perhaps, the most important of his two books. This posting is about 2 Nephi 25-30. The next four postings, later this week, will be about the last three chapters of 2 Nephi and, finally, an overview of Nephi’s second book. 2 Nephi 25–30 These chapters were two in the 1830 edition of the […]

2 Nephi 1–ch. 2

Chapters one and two of 2 Nephi were just one chapter in the 1830 edition of the Book of Mormon; hence, they are considered together in this posting. This is careful, stylized writing that is better understood if it is reformatted. 2 Nephi 1–ch. 2 These chapters begin Lehi’s blessings and warnings to the emigrants. These first two chapters address, […]