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1 Nephi 15 – 1 Nephi 16:6

Most overlook the importance of 1 Nephi 15: it addresses a particular aspect of being spiritual. Nephi thought the teachings in this chapter were so important that he put them in their own chapter, what was chapter IV in the 1830 edition of the Book of Mormon and is now chapter fifteen. Nephi says he included in these particular plates […]

1 Nephi 11 – ch. 14

This posting continues to track the Come Follow Me lessons. This posting shows the importance of the scriptures to revelation. This is, again, an excerpt from my larger exegesis of he Book of Mormon. Because it is an excerpt, it is not altogether continuous: it is somewhat disconnected in parts. But it would have been unwieldy if I had included […]

D&C 113 and Isaiah 11

This posting in in response to a comment following the post on Isaiah 11. Footnote 21 of that post, which can be found at: https://studyitout.com/isaiah-11-its-meaning/ suggests the possibility of a a scrivener’s error in Section 113 and invited inquiry if a reader was interested in a fuller explanation. This is that explanation. Section 113. This section answers questions about Isaiah […]

1 Nephi 3–ch. 5

  These chapters use the return of Lehi’s four oldest sons to obtain the brass plates from Laban as a dramatic and insightful demonstration of the operation of the Spirit. It took three attempts for Laman, Lemuel, Sam, and Nephi to get the plates, and most readers focus on what happened instead of the message to be learned from the […]

1 Nephi 2

This posting covers 1 Nephi 1:20–ch. 2. (The chapter division between chapter one and chapter two, unfortunately, breaks a literary unit.) This posting does not include chapters three through five even though the somewhat forced chiasmus outline of 1 Nephi militates in favor of considering chapters two through five together. Chapter is different than chapters three through five, so there […]

1 Nephi 1

Careful study of 1 Nephi will allow the reader of the Book of Mormon to better understand what is happening in the rest of the book. Glossing over this important chapter will lead to the same treatment of the rest of the book, a superficial reading that is not so profitable. Therefore, analysis of 1 Nephi is presented alone, notwithstanding […]